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Handy and functional Flash Player

Eltima Software is a proud partner of Adobe. We are glad to provide the support for Adobe Flash platform in our solutions.

This page is about SWF & FLV Player for Windows

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Client: Dan Shell

"I am using SWF & FLV Player as a video player for Mac and I can download online content. All-in-one indeed."

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21st August, 2007
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26th March, 2015
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FLV Player - SWF Player - Flash Player

Free SWF FLV Player: Full Flash files playback

SWF & FLV Player for Windows is the handiest and the most intuitive Flash player available for PC today. Standard version is free for all Flash lovers; however, for the small fee you can upgrade the free version to the advanced PRO one.

You can simply download our player right now, install it and start watching your Flash files in the most comfortable way obtaining the fullest control over SWF or FLV files.

If you want more functions from SWF & FLV Player just upgrade to PRO version, enter your registration information into the standard edition and voila! Your player can do lots more now.

Flash Player is available in FREE and PRO editions.

Full features list:

  • Play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, frame-by-frame preview and browse through Adobe SWF/FLV files
  • Browse URLs to discover all Flash movies they use and download SWF/FLV files from web-pages
  • Open and play any SWF/FLV file on the web directly (PRO version only)
  • Save Flash movies to hard drive with all the external resources they uses (PRO version only, featured in beta mode)
  • Easy-to-use zoom in/out, on-screen preview option to display specific part of SWF file
  • Play Flash movies in full-screen (PRO version only)
  • SWF/FLV playlists management with shuffle mode
  • Capture SWF/FLV frame screenshots (PRO version only)
  • Convert SWF/FLV into image series (PRO version only)
  • Unique heuristic algorithms to determine Flash movie end
  • Obtain detailed file information about SWF/FLV files (size, SWF version, frame rate, shapes/morphs/fonts/ActionScripts/sounds/etc.)
  • Restrict access to external resources such as sending/receiving data via Internet or using third-party SWF resources by managing advanced security options
  • Handy flash movie playback quality control lets you adjust application resources load to your system configuration
  • Fit into current window and restore the original SWF file size in one click
  • Built-in sound volume control
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Interface languages:


Compatible with:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

With Free SWF & FLV Player you can:

Fully manage Flash files playback

Handy movie controls, present in SWF & FLV Player let you manage your Flash files to the fullest. Our player is the only one player available on the net with such file management functions. Play, pause, rewind and fast-forward your movies with one click!

Detailed preview, ability to search your hard disc for Flash files make SWF & FLV Player an indispensable tool.

Manage your playlists easily

SWF & FLV Player brings you the easiest way of managing your playlists. You can reoder, repeat, shuffle, add and delete one or more files from the playlist with no problems. The intuitive interface of SWF & FLV Player will help you get into our player in seconds.

Take a closer look at some specific part of the movie!

Watching Flash movies is fun with our SWF & FLV Player! If you'd like to have a closer look at some specific part of the movie, eye-appealing "zoom in" feature of our player will let you do that easily and with the most comfort.

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With SWF & FLV Player Pro version you can:

Save Flash movies to hard drive (currently in beta)

This is extremely useful if you are viewing on-line animation and want to save it. Usually, to save a Flash movie to the disk you need to find the full URL address to the SWF file and open it in a player or browser or download it separately. SWF & FLV Player PRO allows you easily determine whether the loaded Flash animation requires other files and saves all files to the hard disk.

swf player for windows

Play SWF and FLV files on the web

SWF & FLV Player lets you open any Flash files from the web, preview them and save to your hard drive so you can watch them any time now even without Internet connection.

flv player for pc

Play Flash animation in full-screen

Watching Flash movies in full-screen mode brings much more enjoyment. SWF & FLV Player PRO lets you switch to full-screen mode easily to ensure the most comfortable movie playback for you.

flv player for pc

Capture SWF frame screenshots and Convert SWF into image series

SWF & FLV Player PRO version lets you easily capture SWF frame screenshot and convert Flash files into series of images, saving screenshots directly to your hard drive.